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The ConcertoNet 2017 (The Classical Music Network)

"...Joseph-Maurice Weder displays marvelous dexterity and nuance...Weder beautifully and clearly lays out the drama inherent in Liszt’s Sonata in B minor...Weder’s Kinderszenen is limpid and loving, each of the 14 sections nicely defined. The charismatic chestnut Träumerei is truly dream-like, and the quiet ending Der Dichter spricht melts into the ether..."

PIANO News Magazine 2018
"...The Piano Sonata in B Minor by Liszt is an highly appreciated work and at the same time dreaded by pianists, which at the time of its world premiere has brought performers and instruments to their limits. To this day, the sonata is regarded as the epitome of the highly virtuoso piano art of the 19th century. Joseph-Maurice Weder masters this hurdles effortlessly and convincingly...the emotional touch of the pianist and the sound of the instrument enter into a unique symbiosis, making the CD recording a rarity...the recording by Weder is an enrichment at any point of view..."